web design, theme development

USound develops and produces advanced audio technology that sells globally. The project involved developing a corporate identity and design, as well as creating a new website to present and market the company’s cutting-edge technology and hardware worldwide.

Based on few basic assets, we developed a full corporate design. I then translated the design for the web, and wrote a Wordpress theme and custom post types. While some pages were static (and therefore more customised), other pages needed flexible and expandable content elements.

A fundamental challenge of the project was to keep the design and website flexible and open to adaption for new products, operations, and audiences of the company. When the Wordpress Block Editor was released we did a major overhaul of the website to make it even easier for USound’s team to quickly add and update content, layouts, and functionality on their own.

Team: Elisabeth Hacker (corporate design), Jasmin Kiegerl (artwork)

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    Les enfants terribles

Les enfants terribles

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Web design & development


    Fraktur: type & conflict

Fraktur: type & conflict

Type design