Raphael is an information designer and creative technologist from Austria. He connects code, design, and dialogue in his work.



After attending a 5-year technical engineering school for IT & business administration, Raphael graduated in Information Design at FH Joanneum in Graz (Austria), majoring in interaction design with a thesis about Interactive data visualisation for responsive environments. Throughout his studies he freelanced, and also worked with the European Youth Parliament (NGO).

Bridging concept and technology

In his 10+ years of experience with coding and various creative work, he has developed an interdisciplinary skillset. With his technological mindset Raphael is capable of quickly understanding new software, frameworks, or languages — whatever it takes to realise a concept. Technology is merely a tool; never an obstacle.
Raphael has also lead many teams and customers through creative and strategic processes, custom-tailored to the restrictions, challenges, and humans involved.


Ideas for humans

The focus of Raphael’s work remains on information, human interaction, usability, and overall experience. A solid concept is just as important as a clean and appropriate technical solution. Raphael produces work that reaches people via digital and physical spaces: websites, social media, interactive environments, and sometimes print.

Responsibility and vision

With design being inevitably political, the designer generally holds certain responsibility for their creations and impact. In his work Raphael seeks to inform, foster, and facilitate dialogue, as well as change and innovation.


Hobbies and interests include visiting the farmers' market, technology, keeping up with pop trends and internet culture, and (analog) photography.

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