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Interaction design, software development

This interactive data visualisation presents information about global arms exports from EU Member States. The primary aim of the project was to produce a responsive media environment that introduces visitors to the topic of responsible arms exports, and to additionally invite further reflection and exchange on the issue.

The focus of this project was research and content work, as well as technical implementation. The accompanying thesis continues to highlight the relevance of interdisciplinary collaboration and integrated production processes, and demonstrates the transformative role data can have in conceptĀ development.

Bearing in mind modularity, scalability and possible future adaption, the responsive environment was implemented in Java (using the Processing library), SQL, and various webĀ technologies.

↓ Bachelor thesis: At war with the peace mission (PDF, 15MB)

Cover page
Two people sitting across from each other at a table in a dark room. On the table is a tablet in front of each person. A large world map is projected on the wall next to the table.
iPad screen: selecting a country from a list of EU Member States iPad screen: selecting a time range (in years) for export activity to be displayed
Person standing in front of a projection of a world map. The text above the map reads: ā€œ2004 to 2007 the Netherlands exported defence goods to 86 countries connected to 617 conflicts and 30854 humans killedā€ World map with the caption: 2013 to 2017 Austria exported defence goods to 142 countries connected to 524 conflicts and 3041 humans killedā€
Constructive questions: 1. What should be the next steps towards a European single market for defence? 2. How can the European defence industry stay (globally) competitive? 3. How can the EU and its Member States increase transparency and accountability in the defence sector? 4. Where do export policies and economic interests clash? 5. How can the EU and its Member States ensure responsible exports of defence equipment?

After extensive research into the topic a list of constructive questions forms the basis for interaction design and storytelling.

Double page describing software requirements A swim-lane style activity diagram describing the entire process

A simplified class diagram of the Projection component.

class diagram
The thesis with aminimalistic cover, laid on white rose petals



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    The RGB experience

The RGB experience

Interaction design
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