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The dossier provides a brief high-level report about the current and possible future development of the long-term process of forming the European Union’s Energy Union project. Rather than advocating for or trying to simplify specific solutions, this paper seeks to provide insight into complex underlying challenges in the fight against climate change.

After deep research into the topic, the dossier’s structure aims to help understand the history, scale, problems, and challenges related to energy policy in Europe. While illustrating complexities across stakeholders and various policy areas, the dossier stays on an overview level and hence fulfils its purpose of outlining an ongoing process, and highlighting its core aspects.

The institutional chart is designed to serve as a basis for and facilitate discussion of the complex political structure of the topic.

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Poster: A call to action in the fight against climate change, juxtaposed against untouched nature.
(“Energiewende”: energy transition)

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