Raphael Bek


web design, theme development

USound is a growing company selling innovative audio technology around the world. The project involved refining and improving their corporate identity and design, as well as creating a completely new website to represent their cutting-edge technology worldwide.

Based on few basic assets Jasmin and Elli developed a full corporate design was developed with regard to future expansion possibilities. I then joined the process and developed a web design. While some pages would be mostly static and therefore more customised, other pages needed to have flexible and expandable elements.
I then translated the design into a wordpress theme so that the clients could easily change and add content and products.

While maintaining a clean grid reflecting the engineering aspect of the company, subtle background gradients and multi-layer paralllax effects for artwork were used convey the spirit of the brand.

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Les enfants terribles

Project coordination
Web design & development

    Les enfants terribles
Fraktur: type & conflict

Type design

    Fraktur: type & conflict