Raphael Bek


Research, facilitation

The 81st International Session of the European Youth Parliament brought together over 200 young participants from all over Europe to disscuss current political issues. The Committee on Security and Defence discussed responsible arms exports.

My role at the conference was to be a chairperson who facilitates the work of a committee. The project started some months before the conference, during which chairpersons would create preparation materials and plan their work at the conference.
At the 10-day conference, the chairperson would steer the committee through Teambuilding, Committee Work, and finally the General Assembly, where the motions for resolutions were debated and voted on. The conference started in Belfast and ended in Dublin.

The committee’s delegates, besides being initially particularly anxious about the complexity of the topic, performed well during committee work and remained active and motivated throughout the process.

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The motion for resolution covered all issues of the topic and was passed by the General Assembly with 134 votes in favour, 58 against, and 8 abstentions.

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    Fraktur: type & conflict
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